3418 McFarlin Featured on Candy’s Dirt!

One of our listings was featured on Candy’s Dirt! I can’t say that I love the name or some of the language, but it helps knowing the lady who started it is Candy Evans, hence the “Candy’s Dirt” name. She comes from a journalistic background and blogs about all things real estate and some society stuff as well. Her site has become huge and has a huge following so even though I might not be crazy about phrases such as “house porn” nor do I like gossip of any kind, celebrity or not, I still get very excited when one of our listings is picked up by her and her team!

When we get a listing, high quality pictures are of the utmost importance. Why? Because they get picked up! Pretty pictures make the internet go ’round and content providers are always on the hunt for new and fresh content. So when you have pretty pictures of your home for sale, you have a higher likelihood of those pictures being used by marketing departments and bloggers. Sales of any kind is a numbers game. The more people that see your product, the higher likelihood you have of finding your buyer. Therefore, it’s critical to know what buyers want to draw the right ones out.

People are always looking at houses. Always. Why? Because it’s FUN!!!! Thanks to more and more consumer sites like Zillow, Realtor.com, Trulia, etc. people have more access than ever. Therefore, pictures have become even more critical. But not just any pictures. You have to know which aspects of the house to highlight, which order to put them in, and which pictures to leave out. It’s all in the details. That’s how you are able to draw the right buyers to the property and not waste anyone’s time.

For example, our listing at 3418 McFarlin, C is a perfect condo for an SMU student or young family wanting to get into Highland Park schools. Therefore, my verbiage, headlines, and pictures are going to skew somewhat to that buyer. Remember, it’s a numbers game–I want the highest number of eyes in our target audience.

For more information CLICK HERE and to see our Candy’s Dirt article CLICK HERE!

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