Psychology of the Sale: Staging

In a fast-paced, consumer driven world, the psychology of the sale is more and more important. Why? Because there’s so much noise. There’s so much to choose from and it’s easy to get drowned out. That’s why our advanced degrees in psychology and clinical experience serve our clients so well in Real Estate.

We listen and watch the market very closely daily. We know what buyers want and how to get them in the door. The data tells us a story that we can then communicate to the potential buyers, allowing for qualified, legitimate candidates coming through the door from the get-go. You have to know how to get in front of the right eyes.

On one recent sale, the property was listed for 4 months with a discount broker. The house sat with little activity. The client came to us frustrated and scared. We got ahold of her house, gave her our expert advice and she followed it. We had over 50 people through the house in days and had multiple offers that took the house over asking price in 7 days. Boom. Done. See some before and after pictures:

Living Room BeforeLiving Room After
Media Room BeforeMedia Room After
Bar BeforeBar After
Dining BeforeDining After
Family Room BeforeFamily Room After
Bar BeforeBar After

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