What’s Up With the Wheat?

We love good stories and deep meaning. Everything we do has intentional thought and care behind it. If you’ll notice on new our logo, the line on either side of “Wells” represents land or frontage. The line on top of “Macatee” is the horizon of the land. The Macatee + Wells Team is underneath the land as the foundation…doing all the hard work behind the scenes so you, the client, can be properly supported and really flourish and thrive. Few ever truly see all we do. But you know the health of the dirt underneath the surface by looking at the health of crop above the dirt.

The wheat represents growth, new life, provision, and seasons. In ancient agrarian cultures, the wheat crop (or any grain) would be gathered from the field and brought to the threshing floor. Animals or humans would walk on the chaffs and that would separate the wheat grains from the chaff. The women would walk behind the animals or humans and gather the wheat grains. They would then go grind the wheat into powder making flour and feed their families and neighbors. When the wheat crop was good, everyone benefited. When the wheat crop was bad, everyone had to make due and prepare for the next season.

Wheat is also well known for cross pollinating and spreading seeds over very long distances. It is always our desire to spread seeds of love, joy, knowledge, laughter, warmth, and comfort as far as possible. We want your world to be a better place because we’re in it. Additionally, wheat crops come and go. That’s how we see ourselves—as we work with clients we are vey close during a transaction. The nature of the work creates that closeness or bond for a time. When a deal is done, we miss clients because everyone moves onto what’s next. But if we’ve done our job right, they always come back around and produce a new crop.

Real estate is at the heart of so many important aspects of life and we are gifted to live in a nation where we can personally own real estate. Not all countries are like that—even to this day. Owning real estate is still one of the greatest privileges but with it comes great responsibility. Because we are in the trenches day in and day out, we keep up with all the moving parts—and there are MANY. As a buyer or seller, you might have a transaction every 5-7 years. That’s the average—but many people have a transaction every 10-20 years or maybe even longer! If I’m not doing a task somewhat regularly, it always takes me a bit to get back into the swing of things—think about how much changes in an entire industry every 5-7 years! And that change is accelerated as technology continues to improve. That’s where we come in as your trusted advisor.

We take our role as an agent very seriously. We hold in our hands precious cargo: YOU, your family, your pets, your treasures, your relationships, your retreat, your memories, your happiness, and well being.  We want to change the way you experience real estate and leave the world a better place…and hopefully will sow a few seeds that blossom and bloom for your benefit and enjoyment.

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  1. Austin U August 29, 2019 at 3:04 pm - Reply

    I love knowing the story behind your logo. Such thoughts and detail! Great job!

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