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Making a House a Home: Things to Consider

I love entering into other people’s lives and walking along side them. Being in real estate allows me to do that in unique ways and affords me that opportunity I wouldn’t otherwise have. Building relationships is what matters to me and solid relationships are built over time. When it’s time for you to start considering a new home or area, consider these questions...

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5 Signs You Have a Good Agent: Angel Agent or Devil Agent?

Negotiation is an art, and a critical reason to have agent representation. It takes place all through the transaction from price to repairs to closing details and an excellent agent takes the reins and is constantly working in your best interest--that’s the kind of thing that can help you sleep at night.

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What’s Up With the Wheat?

Real estate is at the heart of so many important aspects of life and we are gifted to live in a nation where we can personally own real estate. We want your world to be a better place because we’re in it.

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Psychology of the Sale: Staging

BEFORE & AFTER: We know what buyers want and how to get in front of the right eyes. See how this seller's home was transformed for a quick, over asking sale price after sitting.

Part II in The Truth about Realtor Commissions: Debunking Falsehoods

I have found that the average person really don't know the details about how the residential real estate industry works and there are a lot of falsehoods out there that don't do anyone any good. Inform and arm yourself with the truth. That's where the real power is! 

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The Truth about Realtor Commissions: Debunking Falsehoods, Part I

There are a LOT of falsehoods out there about realtor commissions and the majority of what I read/hear is either completely false, a perversion of the truth, or a fraction of the truth. In my book, those equal "falsehoods" and don't do anyone any good. So let's get to the truth...

What You Don’t Know About Zillow but Need to!

Many real estate agents hate or fear Zillow. I say use it all day long, BUT keep the following information in mind…

3418 McFarlin Featured on Candy’s Dirt!

One of our listings was featured on Candy's Dirt! I can't say that I love the name or some of the language, but it helps knowing the lady who started it is Candy Evans, hence [...]

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