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Here’s The Good Stuff. Allie Beth Allman & Associates has the most listings of any single office firm in Dallas County with the highest volume.

Plus, as a Berkshire Hathaway affiliate our resources are endless! Global reach, high end marketing, and a reputation for the very best!

Although I have a broker’s license, we elected to list with Kelli and Linda because of their marketplace knowledge, relationships with the Preston Hollow real estate community and their work ethic. Kelli and Linda are deal makers. They had our house under contract in four days. They expertly navigated negotiations and have been on top of every aspect of the process.

Kim & Rick Jones, CEO/Principal of Advantage Storage

Kelli at a Glance

  • Hard worker, driven, and deal maker: I will stop at NOTHING to get your deal done!

  • A trained researcher, organized, thorough, and meticulous

  • Avid lover of history, different cultures, golf, nature, family, & friends

  • Craftsman of relationships and championing people

  • And I love ALL things Real Estate and have FUN doing it!

Kelli’s Specialities

One of the most solid investments is in real estate. As long as there are humans on this planet, land is necessary. One of the great privileges of being in America under an allodial system is the right to own property. One of my specialities is helping investors buy and sell real estate. I do all the work and you reap all the benefit! Working hard and being a part of high ROI’s is so exciting!

Having grown up in Highland Park and being a current resident enables me to specialize in this very special area of Dallas. There is truly no where like it and understanding the nuances of the culture, the schools, and other resources allows me to lay out your options and then you get to decide what is right for you and your family!

There was time when my husband and I couldn’t afford the Park Cities, so we found a GEM of a neighborhood in Lake Highlands. Not only do you feel like you’re not in Dallas because of the hills and trees, but the schools are great! You are minutes from White Rock Lake and walking/biking trails, not to mention a very short drive to Downtown Dallas or North Dallas, depending on where your office is. This is a very special spot in the Dallas area and always worth a look!

As important as it is to specialize, the truth is, the client is the boss. So, I go where my clients’ needs take me. Being in a real estate family, I’ve grown up pretty much driving the state to look at deals they were working on, so if I don’t know a lot about a certain area, I know someone who does. My job is to figure it out and provide my clients with the highest level of care.

Who is Kelli Macatee?

Born in Odessa, Texas to a family of developers and entrepreneurs, my roots are in real estate. After moving to Dallas when I was 5, I attended Armstrong Elementary, McCullough Middle School, and Highland Park High School to go onto the University of Georgia. Upon returning to Dallas after graduation, I inadvertently married into a family of engineers and developers–further solidifying my love and appreciation for well built properties, the value of investing in property and all things real estate…particularly the Dallas-Fort Worth community.

After college, I spent 10 years in and around the world of clinical psychology, helping my husband, Mark, run his technology business, and raising our daughter, Jordan, when it was time to step out into a new adventure. With my roots in real estate combined with my experience in psychology and business development, the transition felt like stepping into what I was designed to do! My business contacts and relationships go back generations–a very special part of my work.

Since I was a little girl, I’ve had a passion for serving and civic matters. Having a stable, safe home, especially as a young child, can make all the difference in the world. Sadly, so many don’t have that privilege and end up caught in a cycle of addiction, prison, and homelessness. Below are two organizations I’m involved with that seek to restore lives and prevent homelessness. The work done there fills my soul and makes me a better person.

Serving in the Community

ROD Ministries is a discipleship program that starts in prison and continues to serve the men through our Aftercare program to restore and redirect broken lives.

The EQUIP program through Park Cities Presbyterian Church seeks to prevent homelessness through resources and mentoring. All our clients have jobs, but have had some sort of set back like divorce, illness, or something as simple as a broken down car. A majority of Americans don’t have enough cash in the bank to cover any out of the ordinary cost and are therefore, one non-discretionary line item away from being homeless. EQUIP seeks to cover the gap and reduce stress long enough to get some solid financial mentoring and a plan in place. Our success stories will bring a tear to your eye….

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